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Brian Card has founded and managed several successful companies that have specialized in contracting with governments across Canada. Building hundreds of teams with the best consultants, he has won thousands of government contracts resulting in tens of millions of dollars in value. And… on that journey, he made every mistake there is to make; winning many contracts he should have lost and losing just as many he should have won.

He has paid the price and learned the lessons of being caught between conflicting government officials and departments. At the behest of envious competitors and at the hands of bureaucrats, he has endured countless audits, suffered government intimidation and been the subject of hours of unpleasant interrogation, including media assaults.

Proud of the scars, he is now devoted to sharing some of the lessons learned throughout his journey. From a beginning at the far edge of the outer circle of government procurement, he has worked himself through the middle circle, finally arriving at the core of the inner circle — allowing him to win some of the most valuable, sensitive and competitive procurement battles.

Following a career spanning over 30 years, travelling from Halifax to Vancouver, building teams of consultants and winning government contracts, he has written a procurement guide that collects the essential – hard to find – skills, tools and paths to success in the competitive and lucrative procurement industry.

Card hopes to help launch or accelerate the careers of a new generation of consultants, and to instill in them the confidence that they too can win opportunities to contract with governments across Canada. From his own experience, he is convinced that whether they are beginners trying to find out how to start or seasoned pros looking for new tools, or live near or far from the National Capital Region, this procurement guide will help them win more often.

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Brian has been devoting his time lately to the completion of his procurement guide The Inner Circle - How it Works at Public Works, and to the launch of a new organization called the Procurement Coaches. Brian promotes himself as an entrepreneur and a connector with a passion for finding opportunities, assembling teams and winning government contracts.

It is not unusual to get calls from government employees asking to explain the procurement options available in order to hire a consultant or a team of consultants. Brian also receives inquiries from a variety of private sector groups or firms who are trying to figure out the Government of Canada procurement processes and available procurement vehicles.

The Inner Circle is a procurement manual which extracts from Brian’s 30-year experience the basics you should know about the government contracting world. It summarizes many of the situations he has lived, as well as thousands of internet searches, websites and their links. It is a collection of facts not previously available on any bookshelf or offered in any university course.

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The Procurement Coaches is a boutique organization bringing together a team of specialists with deep experience in government procurement and managing government contracts. We can coach the client through the many steps of the procurement process from start to finish; from identifying government opportunities, putting together the skeleton of a proposal, right to the drafting and deposit of the submission. In the unfortunate event that the bid results in a ‘regret letter’, we can even explore the various options available.

In addition to procurement, we are continually recruiting independent consultants and organizations to join our team and register with our company. By joining our team, the Procurement Coaches serves as an introduction to the Ottawa agency world and assists the client with matters such as obtaining required security clearances, the preparation of proper CVs and job descriptions, and so on. When individuals or companies are missing critical resources to qualify for an opportunity, we create joint ventures so that the opportunity isn’t lost.

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Staying connected to people is a real passion of mine. I feel that in today’s fast-paced world, it is not enough to simply stay connected via email and phone; people should share on a social network that works. For these reasons, I choose to stay connected to my clients and new prospects with the great and powerful LinkedIn. Get connected with me today and learn more about me and all the businesses I have been involved with. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Brian is a passionate outdoorsman. In his younger years, he was a fishing guide and held a trap line and a commercial bait license.

Brian loves to hunt and fish right across Canada; from salmon fishing in the Queen Charlotte Islands, to ice fishing in North Bay, to moose hunting in Newfoundland.

Whether during a regular workweek, spending time at the cottage on Calabogie Lake or on holiday in some far-off location, Brian lives by the adage “the world is owned by those who get up early”; he is at work by 5:00 am on his IPad almost every day.

Brian’s areas of expertise have included; maintaining tracking reports that became publications such as the Ottawa/Carleton Housing Report (over 20 years), the Ottawa High-Rise Condominium Report, the Ottawa/Carleton Economic Outlook, the Ottawa Annual Christmas Survey, the Ottawa Office Leasehold Directory and the Vacant Land Directory.

Brian has been a pollster and has often been referred to in the media as a retail housing analyst and an economist. As such, he has provided economic forecasts and conducted scores of interviews in print, on the radio and on television.

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I am always looking for ways to help people better understand the rules and processes of the Canadian Federal Government, and how to navigate the system. If you have questions and would like to talk, please take the time to get in touch with me at:

Tel: 613.884.4233